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Sumter Academy Mission Statement:

Sumter Academy’s mission is to provide a Christian-based, safe, and nurturing environment where students are challenged and motivated to reach their maximum academic potential. Students will be provided with skills to become responsible and productive citizens.

Grandparents & Friends Club

The Grandparents and Friends Club of Sumter Academy is a non-profit organization that generates funds to benefit the school.  The GPFC is comprised of any grandparent or friend of Sumter Academy.

The GPFC has projects throughout the year to use for programs at the school.  It is our desire to show appreciation to the faculty and staff and add extras that might be too costly for the school budget.  We have supported the following projects:


Accelerated Reading Program; the Math Team; Vocational Education; Computers and Technology; Educational Teacher wish list; Daycare needs; etc.


Lunchroom air conditioning; Heat and Air for the gym; carpet for the gym floor; office furniture; walkways; classroom white boards; classroom blinds; etc.


The highlight of our year is hosting the three faculty-staff luncheons.  It is a joy to serve our faculty and staff during their lunch periods and personally thank them for the great job they do.

Volunteerism and contributions are the keys to our success.  Thanks to those who are helping and supporting our efforts.  All grandparents and friends of Sumter Academy are invited to become involved.


Contact Information:

Sumter Academy GPFC

181 Sumter Academy Road

York, AL 36925

email:  eagles@sumteracademy.org