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PTA Annual Deer Hunt

Sumter Academy Benefit


January 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2017

Sumter County, Alabama


Sumter Academy gladly presents its 20th annual benefit deer hunt.  Through the generosity of many local landowners and volunteers, sportsmen from near and far will be given the opportunity to hunt the deer-rich lands of west Alabama. From fertile river bottoms, to rolling piney woods, to black belt prairie lands, hunters will enjoy the thrill of hoping that ”Big Boy” will step into their sights.  It’s happened before.  And it can happen again.

We offer 2½-day and 3 day hunts.  Our 3-day hunts begin with registration at the Livingston Community Center the night of the 11th, at which time, instructions will be given and any questions will be answered.

After breakfast at the Community Center on the morning of the 12th, hunters will meet their guide and depart for the field.  They will travel with him or, if preferable, follow in their personal vehicle.  Once on the property, hunters will be guided to permanent blinds and stands.  Occasionally brush blinds are offered to those who wish to watch trails, crossings, or scrape lines.

Late morning, hunters will return to the Community Center and join other hunters for lunch.  After a full belly, hunters will meet their afternoon guides for their afternoon hunt. Upon returning that evening, a delicious meal of farm-raised catfish, or fried chicken if preferred, will be provided.

Friday’s hunt will follow the same schedule as Thursday’s except, following the afternoon hunt, a good ole bar-be-cued pork and chicken dinner will be waiting for you.

Saturday’s hunt will be as the first two, except the hunt will conclude after the evening hunt.

Our 2 ½-day hunt will follow the same schedule as the 3-day hunt except for registration, which will either be Wednesday night or before Thursday lunch.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?   If you’re looking for a good place to hunt as well as a place to fellowship with good people, you won’t be disappointed.  After all, we want you to come back.  And don’t worry about “the work”.  All game harvested will be cleaned and quartered, ready for packing and travel in your cooler.

This hunt has been designed not only to help our school but also to provide you with the opportunity of taking a deer, and having a good time doing it. The early-bird special hunting fee is $900 for the 3-day hunt and $800 for the 2 ½ -day hunt for those who wish to pay in full prior to December 15th.  After December  15th, the fee is $975 and $875 respectively.  All but $75 of the fee is tax deductible. (Costs associated with accommodations and hunting licenses are not included.  If you decide to come, we recommend that you make your reservations at one of our local motels as soon as possible)

Don’t miss this chance.  Limited slots are available, so call now.  Hunters must be at least 15 years old to hunt alone. Fees are based on one gun per hunter.  Note: This is an alcohol free event so at no time during the hunt, at meals, or on the Community Center grounds will alcohol be permitted.

For more information, call Scott Hendry 205-499-0499 or Kim Giles 205-652-3443 or 205-499-9803.