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2017 52 in 52 GUN RAFFLE

WINNING NUMBER an updated list has been posted!! 52 in 52 Gun Raffle Winning Number Week 48

2017 52 in 52 Gun Raffle – Sumter School Foundation, Inc.
52 in 52 Gun Raffle House Rules
In Association with Poverty Ridge Gun Shop
1. A donation of $50 per number is required; and can be made by using the PDF form available for download on our website. All donations must be received prior to the raffle in order to be included.
2. Beginning January 4, 2017, and each week thereafter for a total of 52 weeks, a gun will be given away. The 52 Gun Weekly Raffle winning number will be the same number as the Louisiana’s “Wednesday Evening” Pick 3 Lottery Game winner.
3. Player must match their number in exact order to those drawn by the Louisiana’s “Wednesday Evening” Pick 3 Lottery Game winner drawing.
4. A maximum of 1000 numbers will be sold. Numbers 000 through 999, no additional numbers will be added. There shall be no multiple winners for the same combination of numbers per weekly drawing.
5. Winning numbers will be posted on the Sumter Academy website at www.sumteracademy.org or viewed at the http://www.louisianalottery.com lottery web site.
6. Once you have been assigned a number you will have that number for all 52 weekly raffles. For online orders, numbers will be assigned by a random drawing method, and you will receive your ticket with your assigned number. If your number is a winning number, it will continue to be eligible for each weekly drawing until the end of the contest. The date of the last drawing is December 27, 2017. There is no limit on how many tickets one person can purchase.
7. If by chance the winning number has not been sold, then the gun for that week will be forfeited back to Sumter Academy.
8. The ticket owner must provide State Issued proof of identification, must be 18 years of age or older, a US resident, and must be capable of passing a FFL background check. If the winner fails to pass the FFL background check, the prize is forfeited and the gun is retained by Sumter Academy.
9. You need not be present to win, however, all guns must be claimed within 90 days of winning drawing date. Winners must claim their prize by contacting Sumter Academy at 205-392-5238 between normal school hours. Those prizes not claimed will be forfeited back to Sumter Academy.
10. The winner is responsible for making arrangements to pick up their prize from Sumter Academy’s designated FFL dealer, Poverty Ridge Gun Shop. At the winner’s expense, you can make arrangement to have your prize shipped to a local FFL gun dealer for pick up.
11. Sumter Academy reserves the right to substitute a gun of equal value at the time of claiming your prize. All guns can be picked up from Poverty Ridge Gun Shop at: 14880 U.S. Hwy 11, Livingston, Alabama or by agreement with Poverty Ridge Gun Shop.
12. If any disputes should arise, a committee of three Sumter Academy Board members will meet to determine the final outcome of the dispute.

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52 in 52 Gun Raffle Winning Number Week 48